Chick Coffee

In 2006, a dear friend of ours, Lori, was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the help of some great doctors, supportive family, friends, and lots of prayer, she has now been cancer free for over five years. Within months of completing her last chemo and radiation treatments, she began training for a half-marathon with her church running group. Since then she has completed three half-marathons and various other runs. She shares her story with many women’s groups and is often called to walk alongside women when they are first diagnosed with breast cancer. She has turned her tragedy into something that now brings hope and encouragement to many others.

Her friends, the “Chicks” as they like to call themselves, were a big part of supporting her through this experience. Two of the Chicks even shaved their heads with her so she would not feel alone. When one of the Chicks moved to Chicago, Lori designed a logo for the Chicks with the tagline “Chicks Forever.” She has given us various gifts with this logo on it: she has framed it, put it on t-shirts, and put it on sweatshirts. They were wonderful gifts from the heart, very much cherished.

With the Chicks’ approval, we are sharing these wonderful gifts with you and your Chicks. A portion of all profits from Chick Coffee and Chick merchandise goes to support the PA Breast Cancer Coalition and other organizations fighting breast cancer.

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